Leaked Pokemon Go Sprite Hints at Upcoming Galarian and Hisuian Species Addition

A Pokemon Go sprite that was leaked online suggests that new Galarian and Hisuian species could be on their way to the game in the coming months, providing players with new opportunities and challenges.

Since its first release, Pokemon Go has consistently completed its in-game Pokedex by adding previously absent species. Since the Alola events took place last year, gamers have witnessed significant game growth, yet, since then, new debuts have trickled out just a few at a time. These have featured legendary and mythical species from each generation, in addition to the more common ones.

Although Sword & Shield were the primary games for most of Pokemon Go’s existence, a significant portion of the Galar Pokedex is still absent. At this time, players will not be able to encounter any Galarian starters in the wild, nor will they come across any of the iconic legendary species Zacian, Zamazenta, or Eternatus in any raid fight events. A recent leak has discovered sprites of Galarian Legendaries and Hisuian evolutions, which points to the possibility that Generation 8 may begin rolling out gradually in the mobile game Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go leak contains Regieleki, Regidrago, and Kleavor sprites

The leaked account for PokeMiners uploads an image on Twitter with sprite assets for Regieleki, Regidrago, and Kleavor. PokeMiners initially posted the idea. Shiny iterations of the sprites are included as well. 

At this time, Niantic still needs to provide information regarding the Galarian Legendaries or the Hisuian evolution about upcoming events. Despite this, the conclusion of the Mythical Wishes event is approaching, and these newly added sprites may provide a hint of what’s in store for players of the game shortly.

As the temperature begins to rise, it is feasible that gamers will again be able to participate in a season that is themed after a specific place. It is possible that it will concentrate on the Galar region or maybe Hisui, adding a large number of the Pokemon that gamers of Pokemon Go have been yearning to see finally.

Even if the leaks are not official, it is clear that there will be some attractive new opportunities for players to look forward to. We hope that additional details regarding these leaks will become public shortly.

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