Riot Looks to Help Annie in Mid Lane with Upcoming LoL Patch 13.2

In League of Legends Season 13, Riot has prioritized crowd control and durability buffs to offer Annie a fighting chance in the mid-lane against all matchups.

Despite being a straightforward mid-laner, Annie has suffered in some way in League of Legends Season 13. Although she has strong target lockdown and burst damage, the meta change has taken a toll on her durability, and she is now losing even her most desired match-ups.

As of LoL patch 12.23, Annie has a victory rate in the mid-lane of roughly 49.49% and a meager 1.35% pick rate. Riot wants to show her some love as the ranking season begins because she is unpopular and hasn’t been successful thus far in Season 13.

Annie Buffs in LoL Patch 13.2

Developers are adding some added utility to her in LoL patch 13.2, which will be released later in January. She should benefit from this because of her crowd control and high burst damage in melee matchups. Developer Ray ‘Ray Yonggi’ Williams informed players on January 5 that “Annie has been unable to convert wins, especially when matched against mostly melee mid-laners she should be advantaged versus.”

In general, I’m aiming to offer her buffs that will lessen her pain points related to using mana to create passive, Tibbers lifespan and E usability.


At the game start and respawn, her passive stun, Pyromania, will now be automatically replenished. You can have a stun for free at Level 1; you no longer have to build it up on the first wave or take W in case of an invasion.

Molten Shield

Another minor revision will be made to Her E, Molten Shield. It will have a stronger shield that will reflect all damage rather than simply automatic assaults. Additionally, the reflect will be substantially stronger, but it will only proc once per target, per shield.


Finally, utilizing Molten Shield while Tibbers is on the Rift will allow the damage reflection to trigger twice, making Tibbers more resilient thanks to the addition of AP scaling to his health and resistance. Some gamers questioned the stun modifications, asking why she receives it at the game start and respawns but not recall. Williams claims there is a precise explanation behind this.

“The fundamental reason is that I didn’t want to consider the specific ways that this could be abused. Making it operate that way is probably OK, but I assumed given you were recalling anyhow, spamming your spells in base while regenerating to regain stun was acceptable.

The modifications will be included in League of Legends patch 13.2, which will be released later in January following the launch of the first update of the year on January 10.

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