Overwatch 2 Brings Back Classic Skins from the OW 1 through Hero Gallery Purchase

Players now have easier access to fan favorites from previous games thanks to the addition of classic skins from the first game that can be purchased in the Hero Gallery of Overwatch 2. The third season of Overwatch 2 was released on February 7, and with it came a significant amount of fresh content for players to explore and experiment with.

There are now 80 new tiers for players to work their way through, a new map, an Ultimate Valentine event, and an anime collaboration with the popular series One Punch Man. These are just some of the many modifications and adjustments made to the game.

Blizzard has revealed that players can purchase skins from Overwatch 1 within the Hero Gallery. This announcement came alongside the latest update. These were previously only available with putting in a lot of effort in OW1, but they are now available under certain circumstances in Overwatch 2. Every single player in Overwatch now has access to a large number of cosmetic items at the same time, including new skins.

Overwatch 2 includes skins that were available in the OW 1

The news that fans would be able to acquire skins from the first Overwatch game was shared via a Tweet from the official Overwatch account. The announcement was made regarding the Hero Gallery.

Also, Players who check in between February 11 and February 14 will be eligible to get five free battle pass tier unlocks. Players that complete the battle pass are awarded 1500 Overwatch Credits. These credits can be used to purchase various items, like recolor skins for older heroes and different sprays, among other things. We regret to inform you that Credits cannot be utilized to purchase any new or high-tier skins.

In the first iteration of Overwatch, players had the option of acquiring these Legendary skins by either opening a loot box to discover them or crafting them in the shop by spending in-game gold. Additionally, certain event skins may only be obtained or prepared during separate time windows to maintain exclusivity. These skins can now be bought with premium currency at any time of the year in Overwatch 2, making them available for purchase.

Fans can also link their accounts from Overwatch 1 to its sequel to bring the skins they previously obtained while playing the first game over to the second installment in the series.

The fact that players of Overwatch 2 will now be able to acquire event skins from the original game — some of which they may not have been able to obtain otherwise — through the purchase of legendary skins is undoubtedly something that will excite them.

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