JoeWo’s Redemption: How Warzone 2 Season 2 Improved the Game

Before the Season 2 update, JoeWo was a massive critic of Warzone 2. The resident “Movement King” of the battle royale believes things are beginning to turn around now that he has implemented the upgrade.

In the early days of Warzone, when the game was at its peak popularity, Joseph “JoeWo” Wohala was practically hard to ignore. While the game was at its peak, viral videos of him dominating opponents who could not defend themselves were everywhere on the internet.

Despite the slower pace of Warzone 2, he is still going strong, but he has already completed and finished those kinds of highlights for the time being. He is still going strong. However, following the release of the Season 2 update, the game saw a significant increase in speed, and Wohala now considers it enjoyable once more.

JoeWo describes how he believes that Warzone 2 Season 2 redeemed the game

The ankle-breaker was in the middle of some Al Mazrah solos when a fan asked him what he thought of the game after the update. The ankle-breaker was enthusiastic about the game and praised the modifications made in the update released on February 15.

“The current state of the game as a whole has been incredible… Before this update, I was having a terrible time, and I had the impression that many other people had the same problem. The new movement, plating, and running features make it feel like you’re playing an entirely different game.

“But, in general, things are a lot better now… Because the game no longer requires you to remain in the same location when shot, you cannot simply plate and run. The situation leaves you completely paralyzed, with no control.

He also mentioned the 25% boost in the speed of armor plating as a big reason why it feels better, stating that gamers were frustrated with how slow the animation was compared to the game’s initial release. Wohala mentioned that some of the less significant issues, such as the ADS or strafe speed of particular weapons, may be modified to make things even more enjoyable.

Players are still having a great time with the recent updates to the game, the introduction of the brand-new map of Ashika Island, and the general reaction from fans has been quite similar to what JoeWo was thinking.

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