Overwatch 2 Game Director Reveals Ranked Matchmaking Changes and Upcoming Patch

Aaron Keller, who serves as the Game Director for Overwatch 2, has revealed recent changes that have been made to the matchmaking system, in addition to upgrades that will be added in the upcoming mid-season three patches. Many players have recently voiced dissatisfaction with the game’s competitive mode, Ranked, claiming that it is fundamentally unfair.

When it comes to the competitive scene, Overwatch 2 has been a mixed bag because lower players frequently show up in GM matches, and cheaters have even caused the servers to collapse when they are about to lose a game. Aaron Keller detailed several recent changes the team has implemented and upcoming updates in a recent blog post he wrote for the team’s official website.

The developers of OW2 have revealed several matchmaking changes

According to Keller, the primary objective of the ranked competition in Season 3 was to boost the number of players with a comparable MMR playing the same role.

“We prioritize ensuring that damage-dealing players on each team have comparable levels of expertise when making matches, rather than clearing on whether damage-dealing players on one team have an evenly matched skill level with tank players on the other team. This strategy has been successful, and as a result, talent gaps in matches between players playing the same role are substantially smaller,” he explained.

He remarked that while wait times have decreased and match quality has improved, the changes have caused some challenges, particularly when it comes to groups of players whose skill levels are very different.

Keller continued by addressing players’ recurring complaints about coming up against users of varied skill levels in their rated games. Still, he claimed that the situation has significantly improved compared to how it used to be.

Before Season 3, the worst five percent of Grand Master level matches would feature players separated by seven divisions, the same as Gold 3 to Silver 5. After we initially distributed version 2.3, the gap between these values increased to 12 divisions or more. Since then, we have applied a great deal of change, and we continue to apply change nearly daily; as a result, there are now only nine divisions.

The Game Director ended his article by stating that other changes would be coming in the following mid-season patch to further improve upon this. However, he did not reveal when those changes would be applied.

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