How to Make a Brush in Minecraft and Understanding the Feather Copper Sword

In the next Minecraft 1.20 update, the Brush will be an essential tool for finding treasures and doing much more. But in Minecraft, what is the Feather Copper Sword, and how do you manufacture a brush? Here, we have all the solutions. The upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update will include new creatures, blocks, biomes, and features. One such element is the recently unveiled Archeology, a new tool including secret gems discovered via the Brush.

Nevertheless, many players are still determining how to build it due to the nature of this Brush and the fact that many players mistakenly refer to it as a Feather Copper Sword due to its shape. In that case, let’s look at how to make a brush in Minecraft and what a Feather Copper Sword is.

Follow our simple instructions on participating if you want to check out the Brush and other features in Minecraft.

What does the Minecraft Feather Copper Sword look like?

The Feather Copper Sword is a joke made by players of Minecraft over the new Brush crafting recipe and design.

The previous pattern, consisting of two sticks and three strings laid horizontally, looked like a pickaxe. The recipe has been altered in the most recent experimental update, and the Brush now requires copper, a stick, and a feather.

This has caused many players to joke that it will now be possible to create a feather copper sword in Minecraft that will harm monsters by tickling them. Although the weapon isn’t in Minecraft and is unlikely ever to exist, many people can’t help but notice the Brush’s recipe design similarities.

Making a Brush in Version 1.20 of Minecraft

Brush Crafting

Several people will have to relearn how to produce the Brush in Minecraft because the formula has changed.

To create a Brush in Minecraft, you need three things:

  • 1 Feather
  • 1 Copper
  • 1 Stick

By slaughtering a chicken, you’ll be able to obtain the feather. The stick can then be obtained by felling a tree, making planks out of the wood, and finally shaping those planks into bars. Lastly, copper can be discovered underground and in caves like other ores. Once you have all the necessary supplies, go to a crafting table and arrange the Stick, Copper Ingot, and Feather in a straight line along the center of the table. This creates a Brush.

It’s essential to remember that the 1.20 update is still in its experimental stage. Thus the formula may change. But, as soon as modifications are made, we’ll update this article. It is both how to make a Brush in Minecraft and the definition of the Feather Copper Sword. Check out some of our other helpful Minecraft articles and tutorials here while you wait for the 1.20 update to go live.

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