iiTzTimmy Predicts a Meta Shift: Gibraltar & Newcastle to Make a Comeback in Apex Legends Season 16

One of the most well-known content producers for Apex Legends is iiTzTimmy. He believes that Season 16’s changes to the Legends will restore Gibraltar and Newcastle’s viability as meta options. In every aspect of the first-person shooter, Timmy excels. Timmy is known for breaking ankles in every shooter he plays, from Apex to Valorant, and for becoming the best player in the game.

Also, He has practically completed all of Apex Legends’ objectives, including achieving the Predator rank in a single stream, and he keeps getting better as the weeks go by. He has concluded that Season 16 will see a substantial adjustment to the Support class, making the game seem more comfortable.

Newcastle and Gibraltar will be important in Apex Legends Season 16, according to iiTzTimmy

All Support Legends, regardless of whether the flags have expired, will be able to create their teammates’ banners at a Replicator starting on February 14th. This means that Gibraltar, Lifeline, Loba, and Newcastle will have access to this ability and can call their friends back at any time during the game.

The safety net will be beneficial in placing the two prominent players on that list back where they belong, although they steadily dropped out of the top picks throughout the previous two seasons. The movement magician provided insight into what this new development will entail for the rest of the competition in the Season 16 teaser video.

The streaming star explained, “You’ll see Watson and Newcastle in the comp, or like Gibraltar and Caustic with obviously like an Assault Legend or Skirmisher. It’s going to be awesome… I predict a significant meta-change in this. The current meta prizes Legends like Horizon and Valkyrie for their aggressive playstyle that covers the ground effectively.

Slower heroes were left behind as the game accelerated due to the rise of Seer and his “wallhack” passive, which makes it simpler to isolate adversaries and descend on them as a group. In a brief glimpse of the upcoming Team Deathmatch game, Timmy also demonstrated the new Nemesis Burst AR and ultimately concluded that it is “very OP.” The modifications made in Season 16 have received highly positive feedback from the audience, and Timmy’s response has just fueled the excitement.

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