Apex Legends Season 16: The Circus Comes to World’s Edge

Apex Legends will be celebrating its fourth anniversary with a carnival-themed event, according to brand-new teasers for Season 16. These teasers also indicate that World’s Edge will be the immediate environment for the upcoming season. The next 16th season of Apex Legends is shaping to be one of the most epic battle royales that Respawn has ever hosted.

The team plans to launch the update on February 14, bringing significant changes to the Legend classification, and bonuses, and introducing a new burst-fire Nemesis assault rifle. Respawn Entertainment’s teasers have begun, as has been the case with the beginning of each new season of post-launch content.

The previews for Apex Legends Season 16 hint at a circus taking place at World’s Edge.

In the late evening of February 3, the official Apex Legends account shared the first official teaser for Season 16. The teaser displays “On World’s Edge” in the bottom left corner, confirming World’s Edge as the map for Overwatch Season 16. The caption reads “One Front Row Seat to the Greatest Show in the Outlands!”

Due to this information, fans may now have a better sense of the skins that will be available to them during Season 16’s Collection Event.

The poster portrays Mirage as a lion, Octane as a mischievous jester, and Gibraltar as a strong man. On February 4, Respawn released a second teaser with a similar style to the first.

According to what it says, the anniversary of The Apex Games will offer a “SHOOTING GALLERY! For those who have a passion for weapons! CLAW MACHINE! Get your hands on the brightest jewels! WHACK-A-PROWLER! Find them, hack them, and give them what for! RING TOSS! Keep your focus on the prize! REFRESHMENTS! A pass for special treatment at Silva’s Secret Sauce!

Additionally, it was confirmed that we would receive a Launch Trailer on February 6 at 8 am Pacific Time, 11 am Eastern Standard Time, and 4 pm GMT. As Season 16 draws ever closer, we may anticipate the release of even more teasers along the same lines shortly. Naturally, we will have covered, examined, and deciphered every one of them right here.

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