The Shiny Spinda Mystery: A Depressing Easter Egg in Pokemon Go

Players have unearthed a depressing Easter egg that belonged to a shiny version of the Pokemon Go exclusive Spinda, which has increased the creature’s desirability significantly.

Specific games within the Pokemon franchise only hide Shiny Pokemon for a fraction of the time, but that rarity does not mean it never occurs. Pokemon Go exclusively features several Shiny varieties that players can only obtain through the smartphone game.

These include Meltan and Melmetal, and Pokemon Go is the only chance to capture a Shiny Jirachi, Mew, or Celebi in the current era. Other examples include. In addition, there are several dressed Pokemon that are exclusive to Pokemon Go and have the potential to have a shiny appearance.

Due to this, “must get ’em all” trainers will find Pokemon Go an actual game to play. Recently, players discovered a depressing Easter egg on the Shiny Spinda, which is unique to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Trainers are devastated after discovering a Shiny Spinda Easter egg

Players will have another opportunity to come across Spinda during the Valentine’s Day Event in Pokemon Go. These Spinda have a unique design on their bodies in the shape of a heart. This gorgeous form can only be obtained with the use of Pokemon Go.

On the other hand, a user by the name of BrawlerBuddy on Reddit published an image of an Easter egg concealed on the heart of Spinda’s Shiny form. They drew attention to the “awesome design feature” by captioning the photo: “Shiny heart Spinda has a broken heart, while the normal has a full heart. Previously, photos revealed that the Shiny Heart Spinda has a crack in its green heart design.

Players marveled in the comments section over the rare Shiny and expressed how badly they wanted to add it to their collections. One of the users left a comment saying, “I want this Pokemon even more than I want air.” Another stated, “I want this shiny pokemon so bad I’m foaming at the mouth.”

Pokemon Players who want to catch the broken heart Spinda have until February 14, 2023, to complete challenges and encounter the elusive green Spinda.

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