IitzTimmy’s Apex Legends Seer’s Heirloom Review: Amazing Animations, Odd Sketching

Timmy “iitzTimmy” An, a well-known streamer, is thrilled with the Seer’s Showstoppers Heirloom in Apex Legends, although he finds that one component of it “makes no sense.”

The Spellbound Collection Event for Apex Legends was released on January 10, 2019, and it featured the introduction of a variety of new cosmetics, private matches, and the return of the much-loved Control limited-time mode. In spite of this, the feature that is receiving the most attention is Seer’s Showstoppers Heirloom, which has a large number of animations and interactions that are truly one of a kind.

The mythic collectible that can be obtained from the Ambush Master has been met with approval from the general player population, but many players are eager to hear what the opinion of their favorite broadcasters is on the matter.

Well, it took iitzTimmy a while, but he was eventually able to get his hands on Seer’s Heirloom on a recent stream. Although he was impressed with it overall, there is one aspect about it that he feels “makes no sense.”

Seer's Heirloom

Conclusion of iitzTimmy’s Review in Seer’s Heirloom

IitzTimmy was finally able to get his hands on Seer’s Showstoppers Heirloom on a recent stream, and he put all of the animations through their paces for his audience. Timmy was quite impressed with the melee interactions, and he praised the sickles as being “clean” and “awesome.”

Moving on to the examine animations, Timmy couldn’t help but exclaim “wow” when he saw the rose petal and the whirling blades, and he eventually came to the conclusion that “this Heirloom is pretty good.” On the other hand, he believes that the sketching component of the Showstoppers “makes no sense” and is not consistent with the theme of the remainder of the Heirloom.

Even though the mythical artifact features a variety of various sketches, it seemed a bit “random” to him when Seer merely pulled out a paper and pen to start drawing on it.

Even though Timmy was perplexed by that one aspect of the Heirloom, it is abundantly evident that he was impressed with the Heirloom as a whole. In spite of this, he did take the time to remark that, in his opinion, Seer will be nerfed now that his Showstoppers have been made available.

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