Warzone 2: Hacker Attacks Crippling Game Servers and Causing Outages

In a Reddit post, a Warzone 2 streamer claimed that players are bringing down servers to stop a nuclear attack. Despite game makers’ best efforts to shield their gamers from it, hacking has been a concern for a very long time.

Call of Duty has been exceptionally awful, whether it’s someone roaming the map in “god” mode or using the system to swoop overhead and one-shot everyone in their path. Players have talked extensively about the impacts online. A new round of player criticism has been sparked by a Reddit video purportedly showing a hacker crippling the entire server as a team attempted to go for the bomb.

A Warzone 2 livestream sees a server crash due to hacking

A Warzone 2 broadcaster is seen attempting to go for the nuke with their friends in a match in the Reddit video. The server slows down when they arrive and eventually freezes. All players will be disconnected from the game when the server is overcrowded and slow.

When the nuke starts to lag, the streamer flies the chopper over one of the targets. They DDoSed the server; the streamer continued as their teammates moaned in despair.

In the comments, a user who was confused by what was happening requested an explanation. The game didn’t freeze for me, the video’s creator retorted. But then everything stops—the clock, the flags, etc. The match ended with the message “lost connection to host” after around 20 seconds. In essence, a hacker may choose to overwhelm the server, causing it to become unresponsive. If a website receives 1000 intentional f5 presses, it will typically not be able to manage it and will crash.

One player said, “This has been going on for two weeks now, they try to crash the lobby so they can get on the win streak, or they want to crash the lobby so they can f*** everyone else over.” Many gamers shared their own experiences. Another Warzone 2 player continues, “Very accurate, they’re employing latency switches in all game modes. I looked at the guy who is “selling” the program in a video. When I’m playing DMZ mode, and the ping starts low but quickly increases to 100–150 while I’m playing, it’s these clowns attempting to get players to crash.

Players must exercise caution when things go wrong mid-game. Because Activision and Infinity Ward have not released any formal statements regarding the issue. Before it gets much worse, let’s hope the problem can be quickly resolved.

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