Apex Legends Players Call for Nerfs to Horizon in Season 16

Players of Apex Legends are requesting nerfs for Season 7 character Horizon because of her Gravitational Manipulator and silent fall. Fans have complained that she may easily “reset” situations and sneak up on teams to flank and assault them.

Apex Legends’ meta is always evolving. It’s a breath of fresh air for players as new Legends are released with each season and old ones receive various buffs and nerfs. Fans frequently call for adjustments, showing how vocal the community is about what they want to see.

Players are now once more urging Respawn to implement some long overdue nerfs, clearly stating the reasons why Horizon requires some adjustments.

Players of Apex Legends Want to See Horizon Nerfs

One Apex Legends player expressed their displeasure with the Season 7 character in a Reddit post on January 7, mentioning in particular how the Legend makes no sound at all when falling to the ground. They commented, “I’ve been maintaining Wraith for 15 seasons, but I’m weary of her state and lackluster kit, therefore I’ve chosen to switch my efforts to Horizon, as this legend is a crutch that can fly.”

Ignoring her gravity lift, which is possibly the easiest reset in the entire game, it is annoying that she makes NO SOUND when falling from the object. I have also shot individuals in the back without their knowledge. I can practically flank teams, ult them in the back, and spam Arc stars receiving easy cracks or knocks, the player continued. They should fix the reasons why Horizon makes no sound at all.

Another participant in the discussion pointed out how the circumstance is comparable to Octane, another Legend who received criticism from the public a few seasons ago. “You’ll be crucified for saying this, but sane people understand it. Similar problem with octane from a few seasons back,” they claimed.

“This 1000%. She is absurd. Rev should not be this silent, another person remarked.

It’s important to remember that the meta of a game is always evolving and it’s normal for certain characters or strategies to rise in popularity. It will be interesting to see how the developers respond to the feedback and if they choose to make any adjustments to Horizon’s abilities. 

Ultimately, the goal is to create a fun and enjoyable experience for all players, and it’s important for the developers to listen to the community and make necessary changes in order to achieve that.

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