Perfect and Lucky Galarian Moltres Trade Leaves Pokemon Go Player Speechless

Are you a Pokemon Go player still trying to catch the elusive Galarian Legendary Birds? It’s not an easy task, as they have a tendency to flee immediately after being encountered and also have low catch rates. However, one lucky player was able to add a Galarian Moltres to their team through a successful trade. This perfect, lucky Moltres is a rare find, as the stats of most Pokemon are often random and under three stars.

Since its release in the summer of 2022, Pokemon Go gamers have been vying to find and catch the rare Galarian Legendary Birds. The birds are all connected to the Daily Adventure Incense, and they all have a propensity to escape right away when they are encountered. They also all have low capture rates, which can make managing a successful throw challenging.

Others are still focused on getting the elusive Galarian Birds in Pokemon Go, despite the fact that many fans have moved on to more recent debuts like Kecleon. Fortunately, there are ways to get past the annoying fighting mechanics and low encounter rates.

This is precisely how one fortunate player was able to trade for a Galarian Moltres and add it to their roster. The trade also came with some shocking bonuses that stunned other commenters on the social media post.

A Perfect Galarian Moltres Added to a Pokemon Go Player’s Squad

The trainer says, “Omfggg no words!!!” in a tweet post from the player before posting a video of a deal they made with another player.

The Pokemon Go player switches a Kantonian Articuno for a Galarian Moltres in the video. The bird arrives without incident, and the player discovers the Galarian Moltres is both Lucky and has Perfect stats when its summary appears on the display.

Players are shocked and congratulate Kieraa in the comments section. Others display their own successful deals, inspiring trainers to switch Legendary Pokemon for the best opportunity at high stats.

Trading with other players can be a way to obtain rare Pokemon like the Galarian Legendary Birds, but finding someone willing to trade can be difficult. This lucky Pokemon Go player was able to secure a Perfect, Lucky Galarian Moltres through a trade, much to the amazement of other players. While the stats of most Pokemon are random and often under three stars, this trade was a fantastic success.

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