Apex Legends Players Discover New Super Jump Technique on World’s Edge

Apex Legends players have discovered a new movement trick that allows them to perform a super jump in the Fragment location on World’s Edge. YouTuber TheEvilnside claims to be the first to discover this technique, which involves running towards an elevator shaft and jumping backwards at the same time.

Players in Apex Legends have continuously sought for novel and unconventional tactics to edge over the competition over the course of the game’s recent years.

While others are all about their movement skills, some have concentrated on great compositions and playing video games slowly. In the past, we’ve seen a lot of crazy movement techniques, such as bouncing on ziplines, bunny hopping to make yourself tough to hit, and even jumping across the battlefield.

They don’t really compare to a recent discovery that allows players to soar high into the air while in one of the most contentious areas of the battle royale game.

Apex Legends Super Jumping Technique at Fragment

It was something that YouTuber TheEvilnside, who has discovered several movement techniques as well, highlighted on January 4 and claimed to be the first to do so.

It entails sprinting straight towards the elevator shaft on the structure in Fragment that some people describe to as the “streamer building”; however, this is not the same building as the one with the recon point, loot bins, and a broken roof.

When you reach the tunnel exit’s edge, you jump and begin to fall backwards at the same moment. On World’s Edge, this sends you flying, but if you’ve perfected the timing and speed, you can fly even higher.

According to the YouTuber, it can be down at the building’s various levels but not on the ground floor. The elevator shaft has a magnetic field that will pull players upward for this reason. The trick may not be around for very long if players aggressively misuse it because there have been speculations that Fragment may eventually get a facelift with certain buildings altered.

This new super jump technique is just the latest in a series of innovative movement tricks that Apex Legends players have discovered over the years. From bouncing on ziplines to bunny hopping to make themselves harder to hit, players are always looking for ways to gain an advantage in the battle royale game. It remains to be seen how long this particular trick will last, but it is sure to be enjoyed by players while it is available.

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