Respawn Entertainment Unveils SBMM Improvements for Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have been discussing the game’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) system for some time. For reason that many players complain about imbalanced lobbies. In response, Respawn Entertainment promised to make improvements to the system in the new year. The developers have now provided an update on those promised adjustments, outlining the changes that have been made so far and pledging further improvements in the future.

As controversy over the battle royale skill-based matchmaking rages on ahead of Season 16. Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the initial modifications and outcomes of revisions to Apex Legends’ SBMM.

Although it has long been a hot issue among players, Apex Legends’ SBMM gained even more attention in Season 15. Many players complained about unfairness in their lobby matches between low-ranked and highly competent opponents.

Respawn responded to the problems with thorough explanations of Apex Legends’ SBMM and a pledge that changes would be made in the coming year. We’ve now received the first news on those anticipated changes.

Respawn Offers An SBMM Upgrade for Apex Legends

The developers described the changes experienced thus far as a result of SBMM adjustments in a tweet on January 3. Their conclusions were based on the proportion of players who registered at least one kill in the “test” lobbies. When compared to the prior matchmaking, there has been a clear and noticeable improvement, suggesting more evenly matched player lobbies.

Respawn stated: “To make more equitable matches, we tested Apex matchmaking during the holidays in one location. As players are able to score more kills (pink line in the graph), we are witnessing encouraging results.

They also promised to make additional advancements and to start a blog to provide a more thorough explanation of the adjustments already made and those to come. The community, many of whom have been vocal about their complaints with uneven matches throughout Season 15, naturally embraced it. No timeline was given for the full implementation of the adjustments. Even so Season 16 is scheduled to start in February, the game’s developers may designate it as a goal.

The community has welcomed the update, with many players expressing relief that their concerns about unbalanced matches in Season 15 are being addressed. While no timeline has been given for the full implementation of the changes, it is likely that they will be in place before the start of Season 16 in February.

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