Enhancing Warzone 2 Audio for Better Opponent Detection on PC

Creator of Warzone content Metaphor has revealed a straightforward audio adjustment that provides Warzone 2 players the most accurate aural clues to locate opposing players on PC.

For a time now, FPS games have included auditory clues like footfall to help players locate attackers. The same may be said about Warzone 2. Al Mazrah’s battle royale rewards players who make use of all available intelligence on their adversaries’ movements. Therefore, it is crucial to listen for audio indications of them moving, looting, and interacting with their surroundings.

For Warzone 2, we’ve already developed a list of audio options that will give you the upper hand over your adversaries.

However, Metaphor demonstrated in a video from January 6 how to adjust your PC’s audio settings to increase the volume of aural hints that adversaries emit. As a result, it will be much simpler for you to identify and get rid of them.

Strong Warzone 2 Audio Settings “feel like cheating”

He said, “There’s a new audio setting discovered that utterly destroys your audio.” No matter what, this will always let you know when nearby folks are present.

For Warzone 2 on the PC, follow these steps to enable the hidden audio setting:

  • Go to “Sounds” by right-clicking the speaker icon in your taskbar.
  • Look for the device with a green check mark in the “Playback” tab (Your default device).
  • Go to “Properties” by selecting it with the right mouse click.
  • The “Enhancements” tab should be chosen.
  • Ensure that “Loudness Equalization” is activated.
  • To confirm the settings, click “Ok.”
  • Enter Al Mazrah while using the improved audio.
  • Simply follow the instructions and deselect “Loudness Equalization” to turn this setting back off.
  • You can use these options to determine the precise direction or location of adversaries.

The use of metaphor does draw attention to the fact that this audio setting has some elevation issues, making it feel occasionally as though attackers are above or below you when they are actually on the same floor.

Now all you have to do is play about with a headset while listening for audio cues like footsteps, shattering windows, and chest opening. Good fortune!

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