Apex Legends Confirms Unintended Horizon Nerf, Changes to be Implemented Soon

The developers of Apex Legends have stated the decrease in Horizon’s stealth that was introduced during the Spellbound Collection Event. However, they have also stated that the change will be implemented into the battle royale mode in the near future.

The Spellbound Collection Event has not exactly wowed the players of Apex Legends as much as they had hoped. It was taken down on January 10, which led to serious server troubles and a lack of communication from Respawn afterward.

Additionally, the secret Horizon Nerf was the focus of a significant source of dispute. The Season 7 legend, whom many players believe is now too powerful, has been dealt a covert and significant blow to their power level. Players found that the Gravity Lift Tactical Ability significantly impacted the accuracy of her firing. But this effect lasted for the duration of the ability’s use.

Subsequently, the topic of discussion shifted to focus on the reason why it was left out of the patch notes; others speculated that it was accidentally made public. Now, Respawn has said publicly that their hypothesis was correct.

Respawn Confirmed That the Horizon Nerf Was Unintentionally

The developers of Apex Legends said the following in a tweet that was posted late on January 13: “A quick note to our Apex Legends dearies before you launch into the weekend. As a result of an oversight, the 15.1 patches introduced a reduction in accuracy when shooting from Horizon’s Gravity Lift. We have now released an update that should correct this.

To summarize, Horizon’s accuracy when utilizing her Tactical ability should be back to normal at this point.

Josh Medina, the Senior Producer at Respawn, provided some additional commentary as a supplement. He confirmed that the nerf was made available inadvertently, but he stated it would be made available again shortly. More specifically, we should anticipate it after future ALGS competitions.

Although he did not specify any particular competitions, the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs will be held in London somewhere around the beginning of February.

With ALGS rapidly approaching, he observed, “Sometimes things that get away aren’t quite ready for prime time.” Gravitational Manipulator players would better make the most of their Gravitational Manipulator’s powerful Tactical. While they have it since it has been reported that a significant nerf to Horizon is now in the works.

Although Medina did not provide a specific date, it is likely that the nerf will be implemented on February 14, which is presently scheduled as the release date for Season 16.

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