Secret Horizon Nerf in Apex Legends Spellbound Event Update

Players have observed that Horizon, a well-known legend in Apex Legends, is not nearly as effective while using his Gravity Lift Tactical ability as it was prior to the Spellbound event update. This hints that Horizon might have undergone an unnoticed nerf.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event went live for gamers on January 10. It also included the highly demanded Private Matches and the Seer’s Heirloom in the Apex Games. in addition to. It also had some unanticipated effects. Like the need for the developers to work through server problems on the day the game was published.

Even though Respawn provided thorough patch notes for the upgrade, it seems that certain information was overlooked. To be more specific, despite not being mentioned in the patch notes for the most current version. A widely desired Horizon nerf seems to have been included in the game.

Secret Horizon Nerf

The changes that have been made to Horizon, particularly those that affect her Gravity Lift technique. It was highlighted in a video that Apex Legends expert HisWattson shared to his Twitter account on January 10.

Prior to this update, Horizon did not experience any accuracy penalties when she utilized her Gravity Lift; however, now that she is hovering, her accuracy is significantly reduced. On his tweet, he made fun of it by writing, “Horizon is dead.”

Although players have been vociferous in their demand for Horizon to be given a nerf. The majority of their criticisms have centered on the fact that her talents do not have any accompanying music to go along with them.

She now more closely resembles other legends, such as Octane, who already face shot penalties while utilizing their abilities (in Octane’s case, his Jump Pad Ultimate), thanks to this accuracy-based nerf. Octane’s Jump Pad Ultimate is the ability that most closely compares her to other legends.

A number of players have voiced their displeasure at the fact that the significant shift in the legendary meta was not addressed in the patch notes for the upcoming event. Despite this, a lot of users have voiced their approval of the alterations and the idea that. As a consequence, Horizon will now have a more equitable distribution of strengths and weaknesses.

Since Respawn Entertainment has not yet provided an official reaction to the Horizon nerf, it is plausible that the changes were not implemented on purpose. This is because Respawn has not yet provided an official answer.

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