Apex Legends Spellbound Event: Players Criticize Respawn’s Lack of Transparency

Apex Legends players have taken to TikTok to criticize developer Respawn for their lack of communication over the ongoing troubles plaguing the game since the debut of the Spellbound Collection Event. The video has already gone viral.

On January 10, the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event became available to players in-game. In spite of the fact that it delivered a great deal of long-awaited content, such as Seer’s Heirloom and Private Matches, it has resulted in a number of problems in the battle royale mode.

The various issues that have arisen, including prolonged server outages and the removal of features such as the third-person view in the Firing Range, have caused many players to become frustrated. Now, a TikTok video created by user @stereoomike that criticizes the developers for their poor communication skills has gone viral.

TikTok Slams Respawn for Apex Legends Communication

It describes, among other things, instances in which the author “thought that Respawn were being less than transparent.” It describes a variety of recent happenings in the Apex Legends community, such as the Catalyst release trailer, which the author asserts gave the impression that the Season 15 legend was going to be a challenging opponent for Seer.

They also criticize the deletion of details from patch notes, such as the Spellbound Event’s hidden nerf to the Horizon, and they ask, “What are patch notes for if the largest updates aren’t in them… Why this information is not included in the patch notes is something that I simply cannot fathom in my head. I can only assume that the developers chose not to include this information in the patch notes because they believed that it would spoil the excitement surrounding Seer’s treasure.

@stereoomike What are the patch notes for if the biggest updates arent in them?🤣🤣#respawnapex #respawnapexlegends #apexpatchnotes #apexlegends #apexseason16 #stateofapex #stereoomike #apex ♬ Bite U (YoliBabby Remix) – Shiloh Dynasty/Yolibabby

As regrettable as it may be, he said in his conclusion, “They are hardly the choices of a creative who is confident in the durability of their creation.” Respawn, act like your game is good for the love of God.

This article states that at the time of writing, a TikTok video had garnered 16 thousand likes and 100 thousand views. Other community members mirrored the video, with one player taking to Reddit to express disappointment at what they referred to as “radio silence” from Respawn regarding issues with the Spellbound Collection Event.

Despite the overall popularity of Apex Legends, some players believe that the developers should have handled recent problems more effectively.

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