Riot Developers Explain Why the LoL 2023 Cinematic Failed

A full cinematic starring Aatrox was planned and scripted but never finished, according to information released after Riot’s development team apologized for LoL’s 2023 cinematic.

Riot has made it a tradition to release a cinematic to get players excited for the upcoming League of Legends ranked season for a few years now. These were viewed as a war horn, a battle cry to get people pumped up for the next ascent, by those getting ready to ascend the ranked ladder.

The LoL community as a whole, however, found dissatisfaction with the 2023 cinematic. The League of Legends team released an official apology, which was followed by a video outlining some of the game’s long-term development problems through 2022.

It was disclosed that a full film starring Aatrox was planned in a later Reddit discussion where devs commented on internal problems. Even if it wasn’t finished in time for 2023, it might appear at the beginning of 2024.

Aatrox Sword
Aatrox Sword showed on The Brink of Infinity Cinematic

Aatrox Was Supposed to Appear in the 2023 LoL Movie

The LoL community conjectured that the champion was intended to be the focal point of the cinematic we never saw because of the Aatrox ward skin and the appearance of his sword in the clip.

In a Reddit thread, Riot Meddler would corroborate those thoughts and go on to claim that the cinematic we saw was a stand-in for something they lacked the funding to complete. Aatrox would play a significant role in the narrative even if he wouldn’t be the main focus.

According to Meddler, the originally intended cinematic was written and was only partially developed before it was abandoned. I’m truly sorry about that since I know that’s a disappointing answer, but I’m unable to offer specifics on why it wasn’t finished. I can state with absolute certainty that the season opener cinematic for next year won’t experience the same problem.

He did, however, confirm that what we received was meant to provide the community with something other than radio silence in the wake of the initial project’s unsuccessful production. It wasn’t designed to replace or be on the same level as a typical cinematic, but rather to demonstrate that doing something is preferable to doing nothing.

He continued to regret their choice, suggesting that it could have “arguably” been preferable to release nothing at all. Having said that, it’s possible that the movie for 2024 will be what was first intended for this year. According to Meddler, there is also an equal chance that it could be something completely different. Time will only tell.

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