OpTic’s Dashy Makes History with Three CDL Records in Reverse Sweep against Atlanta FaZe

The final CDL Major 2 qualification match for both teams was between OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe. Dashy’s performance, which set a record, rallied the Greenwall to a 3-2 reverse sweep victory.

Brandon “Dashy” Otell began Major two qualifications on the bench for OpTic Texas. However, following Scump’s unexpected retirement, the rising star significantly impacted his return to the starting lineup.

In addition, after losing the first two maps of the series in a match that decided who would get the first seed, Dashy turned up the heat on FaZe and scored three season records on his way to winning the series. The FaZe team didn’t go down without a fight, either, as star SMGs Chris “Simp” Lehr and Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris snatched their own record along the road.

Dashy led a record-breaking victory for OpTic Texas versus Atlanta FaZe

When looking at the final scoreboard for the series, Otell’s stats pop off the screen, even though OpTic stepped it up down the stretch to win.

According to BrianStats, Dashy’s performance on the map Breenbergh Hotel Hardpoint, in which he killed 41 enemies in a single map, established a new record for the number of kills in a single map, and his 13,760 damage exceeded the previous record for damage, which Scrappy had set on Major 1.

However, it wasn’t the end for him; by the end of the series, he had amassed 114 kills, which gave him the record for that.

As was mentioned before, Abezy holds the record for the most first-bloods in a series with 9, whereas Simp holds the record for the highest number of engagements with 237. In the course of the five-map marathon, OpTic Shotzzy died first ten times across the different rounds, earning him the title of “most-times first blooded.”

Finally, both teams have earned berths in the Winner’s Bracket for the upcoming Major 2. OpTic Texas will begin its tournament against the Los Angeles Thieves, and Atlanta Faze will start against the Boston Breach. OpTic will compete in their first LAN during the CDL era without Scump; based on their success in the qualifier stage, they are prepared to take on the task.

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