CDL Major 2 Qualifiers Disrupted by Power Outage: Week 2 Broadcast Halted

Due to technical difficulties, the Call of Duty League’s Week 2 broadcast for CDL Major 2 qualifiers had to be halted in the middle of the series on January 22. As a result, the remaining matches for the day had to be completed offline instead.

At this point, the CDL Significant 2 qualifications have been going on for two full weekends, and a power outage at the CDL offices put a significant kink into the final matches of Week 2. The CDL Significant 2 qualifications have been going on for two full weeks.

The second match of this series between the Los Angeles Guerrillas and the Minnesota ROKKR had just gotten off to a good start when the broadcast was suddenly cut off. It was at this juncture that the choice was taken to proceed with the games that were being played.

A Power Interruption Disrupts the Broadcast of the Major 2 Qualifier

The CDL continued to broadcast the live stream of the Major 2 qualifier after the power outage, but they added a pinned comment to the live chat so that viewers would be aware of what was happening. “Currently, our broadcast studio is experiencing a power outage. They apologize for any inconvenience that it has caused. As a direct result of this, the experience of conventional broadcasting will become less desirable, “the memo indicated.

The audience was kept up to date during the entirety of the event by Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler, an analyst who formerly competed at the professional level. As he was describing the current scenario, he continued by saying, “Everyone is working hard, and we’ll figure it out…we’re having a horrible blizzard.” “We are at DEFCON 5.”

LAG finished their victory over MN with a score of 3-1 as the commentators and analysts were taking a break, and the final match of the night, which was between Atlanta FaZe and NYSL, was streamed without any commentary or fanfare. The final match of the night was between Atlanta FaZe and NYSL.

The technical difficulties did not end there, as Game 5, which was being played between the last two teams of the night, was forced to be paused due to connection problems all around. This game was being played between the teams that had won the previous three games.

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