Doublelift’s Comeback: Surprising LCS Success for 100 Thieves Bot Laner

100 Thieves’ Peter “Doublelift” Peng competed in his first League of Legends Championship Series matches in over two years and went 1-1 on the week for 100 Thieves. During a conversation with Travis Gafford, the experienced player amazed himself by expressing how effortlessly he boosted his confidence to compete against other LCS players. The player astonished himself by saying how effortlessly he restored confidence in his abilities to compete against other LCS players.

Doublelift has started his comeback to the professional scene with a 1-1 record versus LCS competition in his first week back. The player for 100 Thieves stated that he initially believed he would be behind the curve when he returned to the stage, but he quickly discovered that he had not regressed that much and that other bot learners still needed to improve far past him. He surprised himself by saying that he had managed to stay within the curve.

Doublelift shared with Gafford that his self-assurance was growing every day because he was competing against many different opponents, none of whom were spectacular. I’m thinking, ‘Damn, is that all you’ve got?’ Really? I had a gut we were going to have some fun together.'”

The support player for 100 Thieves, Alan “Busio” Cwalina, was recognized by the bot lane player for 100 Thieves. The player stated that he chose his lane partner because he believes the LCS rookie has the potential to have something “special” about him. The seasoned player also said that he is well on his way to regaining his position as the most excellent bot laner in the league.

Already on pace to be impressive in LCS competition, Doublelift

Even though there have only been two matches played thus far in the Spring Split of the LCS, Doublelift is currently in first place in several statistical categories. After 15 minutes of play in the LCS, he ranks third in average gold and average gold difference. Additionally, he has recorded seven kills in just two games, which is sufficient to place him in the top 15 of the league.

Doublelift was a content creator and used to co-stream the League of Legends competition before he signed with 100 Thieves. Even though he did not compete on the League of Legends Championship Series stage or anywhere else globally, he nevertheless managed to stay at the top of the ranked ladder and took part in the North American Champions Queue.

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