LCS Fans Express Disappointment at James “Dash” Patterson’s Reduced Role in 2023

James “Dash” Patterson made an announcement on social media that his duties as a desk host had been reduced and that he will not be returning to the LCS in the same capacity in 2023. This remark elicited a variety of responses from his coworkers and fans.

As a desk presenter at international League of Legends tournaments and a regular on the North American league’s broadcast, Dash joined the LCS in 2014. Many of his coworkers, from former desk members to present casters, expressed their appreciation for how simple it was to work with Dash and the talent the host had throughout his nine years on the show in his parting statement.

Long-time LCS broadcaster Isaac ‘Azael’ Cummings Bentley tweeted, calling it “an enormous loss for the LCS.” “Working with you these last 7 years has been such a pleasure. You are among the very finest in the world at what you do.”

Many other prominent League of Legends broadcasters, including Josh “Jatt” Leesman and Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, commented on the claim.

“Thank you for the wonderful memories and discussions we’ve had over the years. You’re a fantastic host who has continued to get better. Man, I’m going to miss you,” Jatt said.

Fans Respond to Dash Withdrawing From The LCS

Fans of the LCS and Dash reacted even more strongly, crying out for an explanation from Riot Games and proclaiming that this is a sign that the league is about to end.

Some fans drew attention to the fact that despite Dash recently winning an Esports Award for best desk host in 2022, Riot nevertheless let him go from the most of his responsibilities.

Other fans expressed their concern that Riot is gradually detracting from the excitement of the North American League of Legends by removing Dash from the LCS, David ‘Phreak’ Turley, and Julian ‘Pastrytime’ Carr, as well as by scheduling games for midweek and midday broadcasts.

The former desk host said that he will still be involved in the show “from time to time” and that he is open to other work in esports, Most of the fans may miss his silliness on the LCS broadcast, they might be able to watch him perform on a different Twitch channels. Fans of the LCS will have to watch the broadcast to see just how small of a role Dash will play in 2023.

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