Fnatic Favored to Triumph in Valorant Champions 2023: A Closer Look at the Odds and Contenders

The odds for Valorant Champions 2023 have been released on several esports betting services, and bookmakers believe Fnatic is the obvious favorite to win the tournament. Days before Valorant Champions 2023, bookmakers are going public with their predictions for the final result. Teams from all around the globe will participate in the 16-team world championship tournament for a share of more than $2 million in prize money.

One team dominates the competition compared to the other teams, and each group has been given its probability of winning the whole tournament. According to a bookmaker, Fnatic has 2.10 odds of winning Valorant Champions 2023, making them the clear favorites.

The odds are heavily in favor of Fnatic to win Valorant Champions

That Fnatic won the two previous VCT international competitions, VCT LOCK//IN and VCT Masters Tokyo, and being unbeaten in the VCT EMEA regular season should be no surprise. Paper Rex and Evil Geniuses have the next-best odds at 4.00 and 5.50, respectively. At Masters Tokyo, Paper Rex finished third despite fielding a replacement player, while Evil Geniuses took second place. Ilya “something” Petrov, who missed the Masters owing to visa complications, is anticipated to participate for PRX at Valorant Champions, which might account for their greater chances than EG.

In addition, Edward Gaming and NAVI are two other unexpected odds. NAVI has favorable odds of 41, which puts them ahead of Giants Gaming and FUT Esports. Giants won the VCT EMEA LCQ competition against NAVI, and FUT finished ahead of NAVI in Masters Tokyo to avoid the LCQ altogether. Also, on the other side, Edward Gaming is the sixth-best team at Valorant Champions, with odds of 13 to win the competition. As a result of their performance in Tokyo, where they advanced from their group and defeated LOUD in the playoff round, the Chinese team is now seen as a distant favorite to win the global title. As the competition begins on August 6, spectators must wait to see whether these odds come true.

The following is a list of Valorant Champions’ odds for each team:

  • KRÜ Esports: 51.00
  • Giants Gaming: 101.00
  • T1: 151.00
  • ZETA DIVISION: 151.00
  • Fnatic: 2.10
  • Paper Rex: 4.00
  • Evil Geniuses: 5.50
  • NRG Esports: 8.00
  • LOUD: 8.00
  • EDward Gaming: 13.00
  • Bilibili Gaming: 301.00
  • FunPlus Phoenix: 501.00
  • Team Liquid: 19.00
  • DRX: 26.00
  • NAVI: 41.00
  • FUT Esports: 76.00

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