Tyler1 Criticizes Riot Games for Lack of Nerfs on Overpowered Udyr Strategy

The broken Udyr and Prowlers Claw combination infuriated Twitch star Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, who requested Riot Games nerf the well-liked League of Legends tactic. Fans of the well-known MOBA League of Legends are getting ready to climb the ranked ladder once more as Season 13 approaches.

The most well-known streamer of the League, Tyler1, has been airing the game extensively in the lead-up to the beginning of the new season. He criticized the game’s creator Riot Games during a recent stream for not nerfing a particular combo that he keeps noticing in his rated matchups.

Udyr Prowlers Claw “abusers” Are Slammed By Tyler1

In Season 12, Udyr had a significant overhaul that thrust him back into the foreground of the meta.

A full damage builds built around Prowlers Claw, a lethality item with an active feature that allows Udyr to dash directly on top of an opponent within close range of him, became rather popular on the Spirit Walker. This one-shot build, which combines his stun with a wave of auto attacks, has been dominating ranked play for several months.

Players have gotten more irritated that the combo has not been adequately nerfed because Udyr is not intended to be a one-shot damage champion that can erase opposing health bars. Even though his attack damage had been marginally reduced in a previous patch, it was still insufficient.

On January 3, Tyler1 encountered an opponent playing Udyr on a stream, and the opponent promptly killed his team’s ADC. What will these repulsive, elo-inflated Udyr players do when they nerf this giga-broken champion, Tyler asked. That is my main issue with it since Riot takes too long to nerf broken stuff that is left up like this.

So these guys are completely untalented and terrible players, and they lock on this point and click one-shot shit, the speaker continued. And Riot eventually nerfs it months late, and they just wreck all the games all the way down, because they don’t belong in this elo, Tyler concluded, continuing his tirade against the Udyr players.

While many players have ranked up quite quickly utilizing Prowlers Claw Udyr in ranked solo queue matches, Tyler’s main complaint is that after it is nerfed, these same players will drag everyone else down because their account’s MMR will be significantly higher than their true skill level.

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