ImperialHal Criticizes Apex Legends Pro Scene for “Laziness” and Lack of Dedication

Professional Apex Legends player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen has criticized his fellow players for their “laziness” and lack of dedication to the game. In a recent livestream, Dosen stated that many pros don’t treat their positions as a job, resulting in a lack of effort and commitment to the game.

Currently, the Apex Legends professional scene is having a difficult time. As a result of recent changes, some esports organizations have left the market, including Cloud9, G2, and Team Liquid.

Snip3down and ImperialHal both responded to the exodus by claiming that the ALGS just doesn’t provide a sustainable return on organizations’ efforts, but that’s not all. Now, Hal has bemoaned “laziness” from the pro scene and argued that it must change to protect the battle royale’s esports, along with fellow pros Gild and Enoch.

ImperialHal Calls Apex Legends Pro “lazy”

The TSM star reiterated Gild and Enoch’s complaints during a livestream about the lack of professional scrimmages in the Apex scene.

Hal replied that Apex pros may be passive because “there isn’t enough pressure” on them compared to their colleagues in other esports. He added that some of them may not care because “they’re just getting paid nothing.” However, Hal did not mention any names.

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It shouldn’t be challenging to obtain scrims, he continued. Most of these men receive compensation for doing it. That’s what they do. Someone claimed that they still view their position as a hobby rather than a job. Thus, it just leads to lethargy.

Dosen’s remarks come at a challenging time for the Apex Legends esports sector, when numerous organizations have stopped supporting the game.

He believes that many pros don’t treat their positions as a job, leading to laziness and a lack of commitment to the game. This lack of dedication and effort has contributed to the current struggles faced by the Apex Legends esports scene, with multiple organizations withdrawing their support for the game. It is uncertain whether the pro scene will be able to address and overcome these issues in order to preserve the future of Apex Legends as an esport.

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