Dash Will Not Return as LCS Host in 2023 Due to Schedule Changes

Dash received the award for best esports host of the year and worked as a host for the LCS for multiple years, but he won’t be back “in the same role” in 2023.

For the great portion of the LCS’s history, Dash has been a household name. He has played a significant role in League of Legends’ competitive history by organizing the largest home tournaments and defining some of the game’s best moments abroad.

But in 2023, the LCS will experience some significant schedule alterations that have drawn mixed reviews. The future of League of Legends in North America is now uncertain.

Dash won’t be remaining with the broadcast in 2023 as a result of how the broadcast will change for the upcoming LCS season.

For LCS 2023, Dash Won’t Be Hosting “in the same capacity.”

Dash has developed into a host that is recognizable outside of League of Legends’ place in the esports ecosystem during his time working on the LCS.

His personality has impressed general esports fans who would watch only the greatest LoL matchups, earning him several nominations for Host of the Year. In 2022, he finally received a trophy to call his own.

However, Dash confirmed that he won’t be collaborating with the broadcast as he has in the last few years due to the upcoming LCS changes in 2023.

Dash said in his on-stream talk that he is doing absolutely great, despite being disappointed that he won’t be hosting. He spent the whole of his Q&A session assuring his conversation that everything will be fine. Nevertheless, Dash acknowledged that Riot made this choice, not him.

Dash claims that he was told in August that he wouldn’t be making a comeback to the broadcast in 2023, thus this has been decided for some time. This information was released upon Phreak’s retirement from casting, with the exception that he chose to switch to the balance team rather than apply for other broadcast talent jobs.

Dash stated in his stream and tweet that he is eager for new chances and is more than willing to work with the Valorant broadcast through 2023, as well as that he is actively seeking a position with the LCS broadcast.

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