Wraith’s Heirloom Gets an Upgrade in Season 16 of Apex Legends

Players of Apex Legends were surprised with a present during Season 16. Which included updated heirloom animations and a different hue for Wraith’s kunai. Even if the latest seasonal update for Apex Legends does not feature the addition of a new legend. There is still a lot to look forward to in this new season of the game. Classes are “remastered” this season, resulting in Legends being split into five new categories. Additionally, Season 16 includes a unique game style and weapon, a lengthy list of a legend, and changes to how weapons are balanced.

As a result of a leak that revealed Wraith’s kunai blades would be recolored. The members of the community also hoped for an upgrade to Wraith’s Heirloom. Players were dissatisfied that the Season 16 patch notes did not specify a modification to the Heirloom, but in the end, Respawn came through. A long-awaited update to Wraith’s Heirloom was included in a patch that was kept under wraps until it was ultimately released.

New Heirloom colors and animations have been added to the Wraith

The 14th of February saw the discovery of new Heirloom animations for Wraith by Apex Legends content producer KralRindo. The appearance of your melee weapon can be altered through heirlooms, which are highly unique pieces of equipment. Every Legend is equipped with a fantastic Heirloom set, which includes a banner posture, quip, and melee weapon skin. The kunai skin for Wraith has been playable ever since the game was first released, and community members have been pleading for an expansion, including the game’s most famous character.

Three brand-new Heirloom animations were demonstrated to us. Wraith began by regaining control of her kunai knife by teleporting it to herself after she had flipped it over. The next thing that happened was that players got a deeper peek into the game’s narrative. Wraith glanced at Wattson’s case file and described when Wattson thought she was a ghost.

Wraith can be seen in the final two animations, swatting a fly and dabbing sweat from her forehead with a towel. The surprise change caused a frenzy among the members of the community.

One of the fans responded, “they did it, and they made Wraith’s heirloom animation good.” A second user commented, “greatest animation in the game for the OG character, that’s what’s up,” referring to the original player character. The content designer for Apex Legends also glanced at the new Kunai recolor that Wraith has received.

Members of the community speculated about who the character would be next in line to receive an update to their Heirloom, and most players suggested Octane. You can buy Heirlooms with Heirloom Shards obtained by opening Apex Packs and used to make in-game purchases.

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