How to Obtain the Partner Mark and Unlock Unique Titles for Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trainers can acquire companions with “Marks” that confer unique titles on them. However, to achieve certain Marks, additional work is required.

Initially introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield, the Mark system is being utilized in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. These unique logos are hard to come by and confer an individual title on the Pokemon who have been equipped with them when they are used in combat. Marks, though comparable to ribbons, are discovered by players slightly differently.

When a Pokemon is captured under certain circumstances, it receives a significant amount of Marks distributed randomly. Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, for instance, who charge a species while it is raining have a possible 1 in 50 chance of receiving the Rainy Mark. Some Marks are significantly more challenging to acquire than others, and obtaining some Marks even requires accomplishing particular tasks before the Mark even has a remote possibility of appearing.

The following is information that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players need to know to obtain the uncommon Partner Mark and understand how it impacts the title of a companion’s Pokemon. Players can supplement their exploration of the Paldea region by consulting our Sandwich guide, path order breakdown, and TM crafting walkthroughs.

Instructions on how to obtain the Partner Mark in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A new post on Twitter by Sibuna Switch provides gamers with the long-awaited details regarding the requirements necessary to acquire the Partner Mark.

According to Sibuna Switch’s explanation, for players to have a chance of earning the Partner Mark in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, they will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Accumulate at least 200 Friendship Points with the Pokemon you want.
  • You will need to roll the 1 in 100 odds by walking 10,000 feet with the appropriate Pokemon in the party to get the Mark.
  • Iterate the process till the result is attained. This process can be repeated on the chosen Pokemon as many times as necessary until the Mark is obtained.

“Reliable Partner” will appear in the battle introduction for the Pokemon once it has been obtained. In addition, the poster specifies that both flying and jumping do not count as steps; hence, players will need to walk a significant distance when adventuring to increase their chances of finding the Mark. The good news is that Paldea is a sizable region with a wide variety of locations to investigate. Thus gamers will acquire the required steps in a reasonable amount of time.

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