Widowmaker Medusa Skin Causes Frustration Among Overwatch 2 Players

Players of the popular online game Overwatch 2 are upset with the new Widowmaker Medusa skin, calling it “pay to lose” due to its loud noise and snake effects that give away player positions and prevent players from hearing enemy footsteps. 

The skin, which is part of the upcoming Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event, is intended to be purely cosmetic and not provide any advantage or disadvantage in gameplay. However, players have long debated the impact of certain skins on gameplay, with some having unique effects and special ability voice lines that can catch players off guard. 

The Widowmaker Medusa skin, however, has caused widespread frustration among players due to its disruptive effects. It is not yet known if developer Blizzard will address these issues with the skin. In Overwatch, skins are only intended to be decorative and aren’t expected to offer any form of benefit or disadvantage. But there has been considerable discussion throughout the years about some skins that seem to have an impact on gameplay.

Players can occasionally be taken off guard because some have distinctive effects and others have voice lines for specific abilities, but with the most recent Widowmaker Medusa skin, there seems to be no disputing that it causes problems.

The Widowmaker Medusa Skin Affects Overwatch 2 Players

Twitch streamer and Widowmaker champion Kephrii described how the Medusa skin isn’t beneficial to anyone who has it equipped in a post on social media.

Basically, the skin itself is so noisy that it makes it impossible for players to hear opponent footsteps, which is a serious disadvantage when you’re scoped in as susceptible as Widow.

But that’s not all. In addition to giving away your position, the snakes on your skin also won’t be able to turn your opponents into stone, unlike in Greek mythology.

The new Medusa skin is so loud that using it actively punishes you. You can’t just hide from enemies because you can’t hear their footsteps, the Twitch streamer explained. The snakes and hair on the Medusa skin may be heard by the opposition team, and they can use that information to find you.

Users who left comments on the skin called it “pay to lose,” but players are delighted that it isn’t giving them any kind of advantage at least. One OW2 supporter retorted, “Pay to lose, the only way it should be.”

It’s unclear at this time whether Blizzard intends to update the skin’s sound to fix these issues. Until then, unless you want to make the game harder, it’s generally a good idea to stay away from using this skin in your rated matches.

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