Overview of the Upcoming ‘Battle for Olympus’ In-Game Event in Overwatch 2

In the brand-new Battle for Olympus event, the power of the Greek gods is about to overtake Overwatch 2. Before it is released, here is all the information you need to know about the new in-game content.

With the impending Battle for Olympus in-game event bringing with it new skins, a fresh game mode, and much more, all in the theme of Greek Mythology, Overwatch 2 will be venturing into the world of Greek gods and mythology.

Here is all the information you need to know about the Battle for Olympus, including its release date, cosmetics, and more, for those eager to jump into the new event.

Dates of The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Events

The first Overwatch 2 event in 2023 will be Battle for Olympus. It will start on January 5 and end on January 19 after a few weeks of operation.

The majority of Overwatch 2 events, like the Winter Wonderland 2022 event, follow the same format over this time period.

Exclusive Battle for Olympus Skins and Cosmetics Offered

As is customary with Overwatch, all released in-game content, including cosmetic items, adheres to the occasion’s theme. Greek gods are a big part in Battle for Olympus, therefore developers Blizzard are providing some awesome new skins for heroes.

Obtain the following skins by purchasing the Battle for Olympus event battle pass in Overwatch 2:

  • Mythic skin: Zeus Junker Queen
  • Legendary Poseidon Ramattra
  • Legendary Hades Pharah

We will inform you in this section as more skins and cosmetics for Battle for Olympus become available.

Battle for Olympus 2023 Limited Time Game-Mode

The Overwatch season 2 announcement Blizzard blog did provide some suggestions as to what fans may expect from the new event, despite the fact that Blizzard has remained mum about the new game-mode that will be within the Battle for Olympus.

Blizzard said that in the new Battle for Olympus game mode, “these heroes and a number of others will be endowed with incredible god-like powers.” Players now have the greatest look yet at the new game mode thanks to a brand-new event trailer just released by Blizzard. You can watch the trailer here:

The Overwatch characters’ fresh, intriguing designs, inspired by ancient Greece, are displayed in the video. Additionally, divine power-ups offer some remarkable power increases.

The new game mode will be a free-for-all mode with tons of original character lines and audio throughout, in addition to new skins and power ups.

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