Warzone 2’s New Surfing Strategy: The Game-Changer

On its release, Warzone 2 was criticized for removing many of the essential mobility tactics found in its predecessor. However, players have now found techniques that are exclusive to the new entry, and surfing has proven to be the most effective of these strategies so far. Warzone 2 has revealed some pretty incredible things throughout its first two seasons. A new exploit is discovered once a month, whether it’s cliff bouncing or transforming cars into submarines. Recently, there have been a lot of different ways to disrupt the game.

Surfing, which refers to moving across the area as if gliding in the air. It is a popular gameplay element in games such as Counter-Strike; moreover, it has yet to take root in Warzone. One player, though, has worked out how to make the most of the one-of-a-kind movement ability on Ashika Island, which suggests that this rule could be subject to alteration shortly.

On Ashika Island, a demon from Warzone 2 demonstrates a remarkable “surfing” technique

Surfing successfully requires high coordination, and the sport is notoriously tricky to master. Those who invest a significant amount of time in learning it are the only ones who will ever come close to genuinely getting it. This is demonstrated in a video posted by exigency, a player of Euphoria 2, who has several other movies showing the game on YouTube and tweets about it.

The result may, at first glance, appear artificial, but there was no attempt to manipulate the outcome. The movement of an operator can be controlled concerning sloped surfaces, which makes the whole thing feasible. It is possible for it to be utilized for incredible outplays when it is done correctly. But it can be used to escape out of a sticky situation and travel across the game map as if a player had redeployed if it is done correctly.

The typical player will never have the opportunity to sit down and learn something like this. Still, for those who are committed enough to figure it out, the outcomes can alter how Warzone 2 is played. This particular piece of technology is familiar to Ashika Island too. As evidenced by the abundance of Al Mazrah footage on exenny’s channel.

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