WhosImmortal Reveals Essential Attachment for Warzone 2’s Ashika Island: Suppressors

A YouTuber, WhosImmortal, who plays Warzone 2, revealed a hidden update that turns suppressors into an essential attachment on Ashika Island. The game’s first Resurgence map was made available as part of the Season 2 update for Warzone 2. Even though a few issues plagued the introduction of Ashika Island, most of the community gave the map high ratings. The gameplay in Resurgence is distinct from the standard battle royale mode, as the method’s name suggests.

Ashika Island is far less expansive than Al Mazrah and only accommodates 52 players instead of 150. The game style of Resurgence allows players to respawn until the late stages of matches, as the name of the mode suggests.In light of this, players need to construct their loadouts in a manner conducive to the hybrid experience of battle royale and multiplayer gaming. When it came time to construct the ideal loadout for Ashika Island, WhosImmortal donned his detective hat and assisted in clearing up any doubt that may have arisen.

Ashika Island Warzone 2 Weapon

Why suppressors are necessary for the Ashika Island map in Warzone 2

WhosImmortal discovered a hidden update for WZ2 on January 10, which deleted all red dots from the compass at the top of the screen. This occurred regardless of whether or not you were using a suppressor on your weapon. Since the attachment could no longer conceal your position while you were firing, he advised that players get rid of it and replace it with something else.

However, the YouTuber discovered that when enemies fire unsuppressed weapons on Ashika Island, red dots would once again show on the compass. After testing the functionality on Al Mazrah, he concluded that red dots are exclusive to the Resurgence map.

“There are so many UAVs in Resurgence because any time one of your teammates kills an enemy, the team will get a ping from the other side. You will also receive a ping on the compass whenever the UAV sends a signal. WhosImmortal stated that certain players wouldn’t even glance at the compass, but “certain players are not going to want to have any information being given about them,” regardless of whether it’s on the compass or the mini-map.

The YouTuber suggested using suppressors like the ZLR Talon 5, Harbinger D20, or Echoless-80 so that the weapon may have a higher velocity, more control, and the ability to remain stealthy. WhosImmortal encouraged players to keep the change in mind while building their loadouts, even though this update will have a minor impact on the metagame or the globe.

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