Among Us Teases Potential Collaboration with Destiny 2 for New In-Game Cosmetics

On their Twitter account, Among Us has dropped hints about their upcoming in-game collaboration, suggesting that the characters from Destiny 2 could become the following potential cosmetics. When two different games work together, the players of both games typically benefit from having the best of both worlds. Games like Fortnite and Overwatch have utilized the benefits of teamwork to their best potential and are reaping the benefits as a result. As a result of the massive quantity of pop culture that Fortnite incorporates into the game, it is not unusual to see characters from other media, such as Goku and Naruto, teaming up with the villainous Thanos from Marvel.

Among Us is the smash-hit independent social deduction sweetheart that sprang out of the field in 2020 and is sweeping the globe. Consequently, they have developed a significant amount of traction and popularity as a game, leading to Riot Games and Innersloth, the game’s developers, partnering on the creation of cosmetics based on the Arcane series. As of late, the official Among Us Twitter account has been dropping hints about new cosmetics, which leads one to believe that Bungie will be the next in line for cooperation with the Among Us team.

Among Us hints at a future partnership with Destiny 2

Evidence suggests that the next franchise that will appear in the universe of Among Us will be Destiny 2. The message on Twitter has several allusions that lead straight to phrases associated with Destiny 2. The term “fireteam” comes from the grouping system in Destiny 2, which refers to players’ combined efforts as “fireteams” rather than “parties.”

The post also includes a verbatim quote of the “eyes up” line from Destiny. When gamers initially started playing Destiny, one of the first things they heard was a voice telling them to “eyes up, Guardian.” As a result, it is now widely considered to be the franchise’s most iconic statement.

We are shown shadows or outlines of the potential cosmetics in the image given to us from the Twitter post. Along the same lines as Riot’s collaboration on Arcane, the Destiny 2 cooperation will probably include multiple essential characters from the series itself. We will be getting six different character cosmetics. Because of their distinctive headwear, it appears that two of them are Osiris and Saint-14. Unfortunately, until further information is provided, we will know little about which other characters will receive their cosmetic.

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