Warzone 2’s Bomb Drone Killstreak Disabled in Season 2 Reloaded Amidst Community Outcry

With the release of Season 2 Reloaded, Warzone 2’s most reviled Killstreak will be removed from the game indefinitely. Since its release, Warzone 2 has undergone a number of modifications that players requested. There are still some concerns that the community still needs to be vocal about, despite the fact that Season 2 delivered the first wave of fixes. Content creators like JoeWo complimented it for reviving the scene, but there are still some outstanding issues.

One of these is the KV Broadside shotgun, and the other is a particularly broken Killstreak; Raven Software has verified that significant improvements will be made to both problematic items in the upcoming patch.

Killstreaks have been turned off in Warzone 2 for Season 2 Reloaded

Since the release of Warzone 2, a significant portion of the player base has voiced their displeasure regarding Bomb Drones, the remote streak gives players the ability to pilot a high-damage bomb directly into the center of an opponent team and is almost sure to result in a kill every time it is used.

Despite this, Raven has listened to the concerns of the community, and they are taking steps to improve the situation. According to the developers, “With the Season 02 Reloaded update, the Bomb Drone will be disabled in #Warzone2 Battle Royale while we explore more balanced possibilities for this Killstreak.” This announcement was made in the middle of the game’s second season.

Players argue that this kind of punishment, which cannot be avoided, is unfair because it renders the battle for good positioning moot because any team that wants to take a building can do so by collecting an instant kill with the drone. Because there are few movement options in the game, there is no way to escape its punishment. Players also claim that this kind of punishment is unfair because fighting for suitable positioning is impossible.

In conjunction with a nerf to the “broken” KV Broadside, these modifications constitute another step towards dampening the flames that have threatened to consume the Warzone 2 community. Nevertheless, there will most likely be other significant adjustments when S2R shows land on March 15.

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