The Best Mad Maggie Player in Apex Legends Reveals Their Most Consistent Loadout

The player that plays Mad Maggie better than anybody else in Apex Legends has revealed what they consider to be her “most consistent” loadout. Apex Legends guru Sweatband interviewed the best Mad Maggie player and quizzed him on all aspects of the Legend’s capabilities. He also inquired about the goals players should strive to accomplish while using the Rebel Warlord.

The two answered all questions for the warrior armed with a shotgun, beginning with advice on how to combat enemies and ending with inquiries regarding pick rate. The Maggie grinder provided a number of valuable pieces of information, one of the most important being that one shotgun is noticeably more consistent than the others and that there is only one AR to back it up with.

The top Mad Maggie player in Apex Legends discusses his preferred shotgun

Since her introduction in January 2022, Flacoscott has used the Mad Maggie character in Apex Legends to rack up more than 60,000 kills. This kind of experience is helpful in determining the most effective method to play her, and he is confident that the EVA-8 is head and shoulders above the competition in the shotgun category.

“I know that many people enjoy the [Peacekeeper], but I’m just not very good at using it. I either succeed in everything I try or fail in everything I try,” he remarked. However, other clashes in Apex Legends take place at a greater distance, and he suggests that other players who primarily play as Mad Maggie purchase an R-301 to protect themselves in these engagements.

He also mentioned that Mozambique could be effective even if it has Hammerpoint Rounds. He still emphasized that the choice is circumstance-dependent and primarily intended for amusement purposes. If none of those two choices is an option, the most effective strategy to maintain a healthy balance of weapons across all ranges is to stick with the tried-and-true loadout of the Nemesis AR and the R-99 that was used throughout Season 16.

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