Warzone 2 Update: Infinity Ward Implements Auto-Looting Armor Plates in Season 2 Reloaded

As a result of the comments provided by the community, Infinity Ward applied a system in the Season 2 Reloaded update that allows players to pick up armor plates automatically. The armor system in Warzone 2 has been the topic of discussion in several different news articles. In the update for Season 2, Infinity Ward made the three-plate armor vests more normal and grow the pace at which plating can move. Once Ashika Island was added to the map rotation for the battle royale in Season 2, players voiced their dissatisfaction with the lack of available armor plates.

Raven Software moved promptly to release an update, which included the addition of additional armor plates and the correction of a bug that caused armor plates to vanish. Season 2 Reloaded has received two further significant updates as the game’s creators continue to work on refining the game’s armor system. The mid-season update introduces auto-looting armor plates and makes adjustments to the algorithm for breaking armor. Infinity Ward explained the decision-making process that led to the recent adjustments.

The long-awaited armor plate features have been added in Season 2 Reloaded

If players have room in their inventory or their backpack, they will immediately acquire armor plates. The developers stated that “armor plates are a vital aspect of the gameplay loop” in the blog post that accompanied the release of Season 2 Reloaded.

There always needs to be a sufficient amount of armor plates. The vast majority of the time, players opt to loot armor plates regardless of the situation; hence, this new update streamlines that process, enabling players to save more time.

The armor break notification was also deleted in the Season 2 Reloaded update, which was effective when all of an opponent’s armor plates were broken. The notice was introduced during Season 2, although several players grumbled that it made the game more challenging to understand and cluttered up the screen.

According to Infinity Ward’s explanation, the emblem will still warn players when their armor is damaged, but the removal of the language makes the information more transparent. Additional enhancements to the game’s quality-of-life include better navigation pings for squads, improvements to Cluster and Precise Airstrike, and modifications to the spawn protection system.

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