League of Legends: Phreak Acknowledges Overpowered ADC Role and Upcoming Nerfs

Phreak accepts that ADC is “overpowered” due to bot lane being largely graded in professional play and ADC items receiving buffs earlier in Season 13. It was also confirmed that bot lane would be receiving some nerfs.

League of Legends players have frequently talked about the importance of role strength. It is challenging to tell when a role is overpowering or underpowered. Given that most players only play one or two parts and that each job is evenly represented on each team. Nonetheless, role strength is a topic of intense debate due to significant changes to the jungle. At the start of Season 13 and a substantial buff to ADC items on patch 13.1b.

Phreak openly acknowledged that ADC plays an overpowering role in his video outlining patch 13.5 and some planned 13.6 improvements. Even after boosting the function, he always considered it needed to be stronger.

Before nerfs, Phreak acknowledges that ADC is “overpowered.”

ADCs underwent a significant number of changes in patch 13.1b. Many of these were designed to increase the role’s perceived significance in gameplay. Several champions, in part, received numerous base stat boosts in addition to enhancements to some of the most significant crit equipment.

Due to how adept they are at pushing lanes and applying pressure early on. ADC champions were selected as supports at a high level. As a result, the majority of matches now center on how well your bot lane is performing.

It’s been challenging to dispel the myth that bot lane rules the game because pros worldwide often score Quadra and Penta kills while playing some of the most formidable champions. Indicating various ADC nerfs that have since been confirmed, Phreak acknowledges that the role is overpowered.

“I knew ADCs weren’t underpowered, but they felt horrible, so I buffed them in 13.1b. Just now, did they obtain power here? ADC is a decisive role, but don’t worry—it will be balanced. He continued by noting that he could now safely nerf ADCs and hoped the role would be more enjoyable now that it had been through the previous round of buffs and nerfs.

According to the preview notes, Patch 13.6 is almost entirely focused on bot lane, and Riot is attempting to give teams additional strategies for winning than simply playing around their ADC. Although we haven’t yet seen the complete preview notes with a breakdown of what is being nerfed, the fact that the role will be receiving so many nerfs represents a very unusual instance in which the devs have acknowledged that a part is overpowered—other than jungle, that is.

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