Pokemon Go Players Can Now Invite Friends to Raids Without Leaving the Lobby

Players of Pokemon Go have made a remarkable discovery that improves the game’s quality of life by enabling them to invite new friends to ongoing Raids without leaving the lobby area. Despite the fact that a significant portion of Pokemon Go may be enjoyed in a manner that is more or less unchallenging, such as tracking down Shiny Pokemon and filling out the Pokedex, there are a lot of aspects of the mobile game that put players to the test.

Raid fights are one of those, and they allow groups of trainers to compete against one another in order to beat and capture some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. These Raids frequently need some coordination with companions, particularly when participating in Elite Raids, because they can be rather challenging. Players may now invite their friends to join them in ongoing Raids in Pokemon Go, which significantly improves the game’s quality of life and, thankfully, appears to have been found by fans recently.

Players of Pokemon Go discover a new friend list option for raids.

As one trainer brought attention to the fact that players can invite more friends to a raid after 30 seconds have passed if the room is not filled, a post on the TheSilphRoad subreddit garnered popularity within the Pokemon Go community.

The original poster (OP) elaborated in the post’s comments section on what took place in the video that was uploaded. “Every 30 seconds after selection of 5 pals, the invite button unlocks, allowing as many as three groups of 5 to be invited if you’re fast enough!” says them. Before this was discovered, the only way for players to invite more trainers from their buddy group into the raid lobby was to exit the room and re-enter it.

Fans immediately expressed their concern that Niantic would remove this feature stealthily because they believed that it was a mistake on the developer’s part. The notion is partially unjustified because Niantic does have a history of turning beneficial bugs into official features. “I find it hard to believe that this is not a glitch. Compared to Niantic’s emphasis on in-person raids, including five remote raiders and facilitating extra invites is a significant step in the wrong direction.

Others were simply pleased that the feature was included in the game, as evidenced by one trainer’s comment, “This is a truly huge enhancement, with no evident negative.” I can’t believe how impressed I am! Those trying to speed up the raiding process will undoubtedly find that this helpful friend list update makes things a little easier. This update comes as a result of Niantic’s renewed focus on in-person content.

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