LOUD’s New Recruits Tuyz and Cauanzin Help Secure Victory over Karmine Corp at VCT LOCK/IN

The recent recruits to the Valorant squad, Arthur “tuyz” Vieira and Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira, contributed significantly to LOUD’s victory over Karmine Corp at Valorant Championship Tour LOCK/IN, where they helped LOUD to a 2-0 win over Karmine Corp.

During VCT LOCK/IN, the Brazilian Valorant squad triumphed on their home turf to take down the French-based Karmine Corp. LOUD was responsible for the victory. LOUD’s Felipe ‘Less’ Basso was the player with the most kills, but the team’s two newest members, tuyz and cauanzin, made the highlight reel with their dramatic plays on both maps.

Tuyz turned a one-on-two combat to his advantage on the opening map, which was called Pearl, and the player cam captured his opponent’s stunned reaction. When questioned regarding the current situation, Saadhak responded by stating that the new players regularly surprise him. “These guys are so good. It’s great to see them play, so it was an honest expression from me. They’re so good. It was as if someone had said, “Holy Christ, I had no idea he could do that.” Nonetheless, he never fails to amaze me,” Saadhak stated in the news conference following the match.

LOUD’s dominance over Valorant’s competition continues unabated

During the summer, LOUD strengthened their squad with youthful players after losing two players from their Valorant Champions 2022 team to the Sentinels. The team has not been hindered by the addition of the new players since they are currently competing in the Alpha Group and are on their way to the semifinals.

There will be a rematch between this team and NRG Esports, as the core three players and coach on the North American squad competed against LOUD in two championship matches in 2022. This match will take place in 2023. The LOUD captain predicted that this time around, the game would play out differently because of factors such as the new year, the competition, and the players on the team.

“We are a relatively new team, and most of our players are still quite young, whereas NRG has a roster full of veterans. Hence, we are approaching this as if it were an experience. According to saadhak, “we’re just here to prove ourselves and to study to see what we’re capable of doing.” On February 19, the two teams will compete against each other in a best-of-three series.

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