Warzone 2 Players Express Outrage Over Removal of Resurgence Solos Game Mode

Players of Warzone 2 have called the game’s developers “dumb” for deleting the Resurgence Solos game mode from the playlist after it had been there for only a few days. Since Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep were so well-liked in the first Battle Royale game developed by Raven Software, it should be no surprise that Ashika Island has quickly become a fan favorite in Warzone 2.

Resurgence is a fast-paced game mode in which players can take more risks and engage in more fierce gunfights since they have the opportunity to respawn. The mode that players enjoyed the most, Resurgence Solos, became available to play during the weekend but developers took it down almost immediately after.

The community of players who play Warzone 2 is angry about this development since they do not understand why the developers removed the mode from the playlist.

Players have harsh words for the developers because they removed Resurgence Solos

On February 24, developers finally added Resurgence Solos to Ashika Island in Warzone 2. The community’s reaction to the news was one of tremendous enthusiasm and anticipation for the new game option.

Sadly, Raven withdrew the option after only four days, and this has caused an uproar among players. Players have vented their anger on Reddit, calling the developers “out of touch” for making the “dumb” decision.

“This is something that I’ll never be able to comprehend… One irate user stated, “Give us solo, duet, trio, and quad for each option; god damn, these devs are so out of touch with the community.” An additional player stated that it is evident that Raven does not “know how difficult it is to get four pals online at the same time” for the Resgurence Quads.

Because the mode was only accessible during the weekend, several players claimed that they were “out of town” during that time and missed the opportunity to participate in the action. While this is a common criticism against Raven by the community, namely that the game takes modes off the playlist far too rapidly, it will be interesting to see whether they choose to make the playlist more persistent soon.

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