Rebirth Island Making a Comeback in Warzone Mobile with a Twist

Fans of Warzone were left with utter disbelief when Activision decided to delete Rebirth Island. The good news is that the most popular map may be making a comeback, although with a twist.

When the small-scale map originally surfaced in Black Ops Cold War, Rebirth Island offered fans of Warzone a much-needed breath of fresh air in the form of a welcome change of scenery. The standard format for a battle royale was turned on its head in the Black Ops 4 map Rebirth Island, which was inspired by the map Alcatraz.

Rebirth Island decreased the number of players in the lobby from over one hundred to forty, and it allowed players to respawn until the later phases of a match. The new experience was hailed by members of the community as the ideal combination of the gameplay elements found in multiplayer and battle royale games, and some gamers even played the mode exclusively.

Fans were upset because Activision made the decision to stop supporting Rebirth island after it had such a successful run and just as Warzone 2 was being released. Just when it seemed like there was no longer any chance of anything going right, a leak revealed that there will be a recreation of Rebirth Island, but it will not be for Warzone 2.

Rebirth Island

Warzone Mobile Disclosed Information About Rebirth Island

The information that Rebirth Island will be included in Warzone Mobile was obtained by the Call of Duty leaker Shaun Weber. Despite the fact that Activision revealed Warzone Mobile in March 20222, all that we have seen so far is a teaser clip that shows Verdansk making a comeback. The fast-paced and action-packed gameplay of Rebirth Island is ideal for playing on consoles and personal computers, but it will be interesting to see how the map and mode are implemented on mobile devices.

The leak also stated that the game will be released in additional locations and that the makers intend to provide an update on the current TDM experience.

Activision has already stated that they intend to implement a “smaller, more concentrated MP mode” that distinguishes itself from the Call of Duty: Mobile and Modern Warfare 2 games. It was described as a method to test weaponry, play brief matches, or train for the true experience of playing battle royale.

Weber anticipates that an official announcement will be made prior to the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2, both of which have been pushed back to February 15 due to a delay.

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