Shroud Wants Separate Competitions for KBM and Controller Players in Apex Legends

Mike “shroud” Grzesiek is a popular streamer who claims he “can’t believe” that Apex Legends still offers competitive lobbies with a mix of controller and, mouse & keyboard players. This is especially surprising, given that controllers have become the dominant form of gameplay.

Much like many of its other first-person shooter competitors, Apex Legends has found itself in the heart of the never-ending dispute between controllers and mouse and keyboard, with both camps finding fault with the performance of the other.

Because it has emerged as the preeminent piece of hardware for competitive play in MnK, some players have hypothesized that the controller functions analogous to a “soft aimbot” in the battle royale. ImperialHal of TSM was the first player to win an event using both inputs, and he recently received the Most Valuable Player award at the ALGS Season 1 playoff. This made him the first player to win an MVP award.

Even with the proliferation of controllers, the two inputs are still pitted against one other in professional play, which comes as a surprise coming from someone like Shroud, who has consistently weighed in on the topic of aim help across a wide variety of games.

Shroud thinks Apex Legends should separate the controller and KBM competitions into extraordinary events

The former Counter-Strike star returned to Apex during a recent stream and instantly raised the time-honored topic of aim assist after remarking that he wished the battle royale had a little more “finesse” at long range. The session was broadcast on Twitch.

“It all comes down to the finish. “At the close range, it’s sick when you’re bobbing, weaving, and shield swapping,” he said. “When you’re bobbing and weaving and shield changing.” His friends noticed that the controller professionals have been “owning” in the mid-range fights after he told them about it. “That’s so messed up. It blows my mind that they still hold tournaments in the same format, using rollies, mice, and keyboards simultaneously. I cannot get myself to accept that. “How many more years will we have to wait to separate those two?” he questioned.

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The popular streamer on Twitch said that he believes it is “very OK” to divide the two and hold separate tournaments for each type of input. That would likely become difficult to handle on Respawn’s side of things when it comes to balancing the battle royale, but who knows, they’ll throw in a few more aim assist nerfs? Who is to say?

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