Overwatch 2 Players Criticize Paladins for Similarities in Newest Champion

Players of Overwatch 2 have criticized Paladins after realizing that their newest champion has some similarities to Rammatra, their most recent hero.

Both Overwatch 2 and Paladins offer a wide variety of characters for players to use to defeat their adversaries, and they have been competing in the hero shooter genre for some time. The games first released in 2016, and the developers added additional material, including heroes and maps, to the games over time. Overwatch and Paladins have frequently come under fire for copying one another’s ideas as hero shooters. Overwatch players have accused Paladins of stealing ideas from various heroes or making their champions look like a mash-up of Overwatch kits.

Nyx is the next champion to draw criticism from the Overwatch community since she appears to have a kit similar to Rammatra, an Omnic tempo tank who debuted in Season 2 of Overwatch 2. While having a completely different appearance than Rammatra, Nyx has abilities that work similarly to Rammatra’s, making their playstyles somewhat similar.

Regarding skills, Nyx is similar to Rammatra in that she can set up a temporary barrier in front of them. The attacks of Nyx are likewise punches that inflict harm on whoever they connect with.

Players have also noticed Rammatra’s E and ultimate being reprised in Nyx’s kit. Nyx has the ability to launch a projectile that draws and slows foes before exploding. Rammatra’s F ability creates a devastating aura similar to her ultimate ability.

Players of Overwatch 2 criticize Nyx the Paladin

Overwatch players cynically made jokes about the champion of the Paladins and swiftly criticized him. One commentator said, “Yes, I mean Paladins has NEVER imitated Overwatch. Some argued that Paladins was the superior of the two games and defended it as such.

Some argued that Nyx was not a replica of Rammatra and that the similarities were only coincidental. As neither Blizzard nor Hi-Rez Studios have responded to requests for feedback, it is unclear whether Nyx and Rammatra are identical duplicates of one another. Because of this, it’s likely that the two will be remembered for being eerily similar.

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