FIFA 23 World Cup Card Issues and EA Sports Response

FIFA 23 developers Due to a significant issue, FIFA Ultimate Team players were awarded FIFA World Cup cards weeks after the promotion for the World Cup had concluded, which caused EA Sports to take action. The gameplay experience of the ordinary player has been negatively impacted by several bugs and malfunctions in FIFA 23, as is typical for a game of scale and scope.

There have been some bizarre and lovely flaws with EA’s most recent installment of the FIFA series. These issues include players’ inability to claim their World Cup event awards and the in-game character ICON Didier Drogba appearing in-game as Paolo Maldini.

The issues are irritating in and of themselves, but they become even more so when connected to the awards and prizes gamers have labored diligently to obtain. This was the situation with another problem discovered on January 28, resulting in players being rewarded with World Cup players for fulfilling Draft objectives weeks after the World Cup promotion had concluded.

It’s a prevalent problem, but one Reddit user brought it to everyone’s attention when they posted a picture of their 81+ x 11 pack full of World Cup players. When the World Cup promotion ended in late December, the red cards, which were only available for a limited period, were withdrawn from the game.

The Developers of FIFA 23 responded when World Cup players were seen once more

The widespread nature of the flaw spurred a swift response from the developers, who released a hotfix late on January 28 in response to the situation.

EA has stated that they have resolved an issue where the Objective Rewards for “Win 5 FUT Draft” and “Win 10 Online FUT Draft” featured World Cup Player Items. Players who were sent the wrong World Cup Player Items will soon be sent the correct items. This will take place in the coming days. Many thanks for bearing with us.”

Some of those who responded made fun of EA’s comments and asked how they would be compensated for World Cup cards that did not have other versions in the game.

However, some were satisfied with the quick turnaround and returned to playing FIFA 23. Fans have much more to look forward to, especially considering that the next FUT 23 promotion will be Future Stars.

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