Valve Trademarks Point to Potential Changes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

New trademarks registered by Valve have spurred conjecture about what the name of the upcoming Counter-Strike game will be. This comes at a time when excitement for a CS:GO 2 or Source 2 beta for Counter-Strike is continuing to increase.

This month, March 2023, it is anticipated that a beta version of Source 2 for CS:GO will be made available to players. Richard Lewis was the first person to report this, and subsequent updates to CS:GO running in the background on Steam provided additional confirmation.

Gamers have spent the entire month on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the release of the Source 2 CS:GO beta, but it has yet to download. But, the most recent “leak” to keep the rumor mill going is actual trademark applications issued by Valve. The publisher of video games applied for two new trademarks on March 17: “CS2” and “Counter-Strike.” Instantaneously, players assumed this would be implemented in the forthcoming Source 2 release of CS:GO.

CS2 and Counter-Strike trademarks

Twitter user Aquarius, who has been keeping tabs on all the various minor updates and developments about the Source 2 update for CS, brought attention to the newly registered trademarks.

The applications for these trademarks were submitted by the Valve Corporation on March 17 and relate to “the categories of entertainment services, specifically offering online video games.” It has also been established, as could be anticipated, that these trademarks are linked to the CS:GO brand, which is included in the application as a “related property.” This finding comes as no surprise.

Will Counter-Strike eventually become known as CS:GO?

These newly registered trademarks may point to a variety of potential developments in store for the CS:GO brand. You might think that CS2 refers to “Counter-Strike 2,” but some people have speculated that it could be “Counter-Strike Source 2” or “CS:GO Source 2.” Regarding the trademark for the word “Counter-Strike,” this might be for a complete rebranding of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which Valve ditches the “Global Offensive” component.

Before the Source 2 version is combined with CS:GO proper, the game may be rebranded as just ‘Counter-Strike’ after it has been known as CS2 for the duration of the beta test. Another possibility is that the game will be referred to as ‘Counter-Strike’ once renamed. This is all just pure speculation for the time being, but these new trademarks are some of the first tangible evidence from Valve itself that there will be modifications made to this renowned first-person shooter.

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