Mega Mewtwo: Will it ever appear in Pokemon Go?

Players of Pokemon Go have started to wonder if Mega Mewtwo would ever appear in the games after seeing its appearance for the first time in promotional artwork from two years ago. To tease upcoming seasons or events. Niantic frequently provides promotional imagery, offering players a preview of the overall feel of the game’s future. Also, in some circumstances, Pokemon that appear in raids or the wild are displayed to players.

Nonetheless, due to the significance of their teasers, two pieces of promo art have remained in players’ minds for more than two years. They are the 4th and 5th Anniversary artworks for Pokemon Go from 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Even though there are many different characters and creatures in these advertisements, which makes them some of the most recognizable, two particular Pokemon have been confusing gamers for almost three years. More specifically, Mega Mewtwo has been teased twice in two separate forms, neither of which has ever materialized in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is missing Mewtwo Mega

In 2020, the first year Mega Mewtwo appeared in the anniversary artwork, Niantic added Mega Evolutions to Pokemon Go. Other lost Pokémon, Mega Lucario, and Mega Charizard, were also shown in this advertisement. Mega Charizard eventually appeared in the video game.

However, in 2021, Mega Mewtwo’s alternate form was the only Mega Evolution to be depicted in the anniversary artwork. However, Niantic had yet to announce or provide any other evidence that Mega Mewtwo would be included in Pokemon Go. User Pigroee posted to Reddit to enquire about Mega Mewtwo two years after the final Mewtwo hint. They said, “These were teased two years ago,” They gave both pictures with Mewtwo marked in red. Do you have any updates?

Regrettably, it was acknowledged in the comments that there had yet to be any new information regarding whether or not Mewtwo would be made available in Pokemon Go. Users instead used the occasion to make fun of Niantic. One commenter retorted, “They’ll be here as soon as Niantic needs a financial injection. Another person said, “You idiot, thought that was a tease? That was merely a component of the advertising art.

When Mega Mewtwo is added to Pokemon Go is currently unknown. It might take a while before Mewtwo’s Mega forms are introduced because Niantic often releases new Pokemon and forms in tiny batches, and Mega evolutions are still released one at a time every few months.

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