Diablo 4 Early Access Beta Plagued by Error Codes and Long Wait Times, Frustrating Players

Although some players have been able to take advantage of the early access beta for Diablo 4, the majority of players are reporting issues with error codes and lengthy wait periods. Today, March 17, Blizzard Entertainment announced the opening of the early access beta for Diablo 4, with plans to continue the beta testing through March 19. The open beta test for the role-playing game is still scheduled to take place over the weekend of March 24-26.

On the basis of the precedent established by virtually every other online-centric game released within the last few years, almost no one expects the beta sessions or launch days to go off without a hitch. Diablo’s track record in this area is horrible, as the recent release of Diablo 3 showed with its botched rollout. Despite this, players looking forward to exploring Diablo 4’s early access beta are not happy with how things currently stand.

The beta version of Diablo 4 was riddled with error codes and had long lines.

Error Code 316719 is only one of the many issues that hinder players of Diablo from taking advantage of the early access beta. The game may kick players out and require them to log back in before they can play again if they encounter this issue. Long lines are the result of this new issue that has arisen. Users who have made repeated attempts without receiving an error code have experienced long wait periods.

From what we’ve seen, wait times can range from half an hour to an hour and a half. Gamers are not bashful in venting their annoyance with one another either. According to one user on Twitter, this is the standard operating procedure for games made by Blizzard. Some stated that they had waited for an hour, only to be unsuccessful when logging in, then placed in yet another lengthy queue.

Even the well-known streamer Asmongold had trouble with a problem in which his character looked to vanish following an unpredictable disconnection from the network. In a message on Twitter, Blizzard informed users that “the team is controlling the number of people joining the game until we have a comprehensive resolution for the connection issues.” Thankfully, the development studio is aware of the ongoing challenges.

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