Mercy Players Unhappy with Recent Overwatch 2 Changes Despite Adjustments

Despite adjustments to the support that some may consider a net boost, Mercy players are unhappy with the recent direction the Overwatch 2 developers have led the hero. In the third season of Overwatch 2, we got off to a fast start with a huge patch that improved many heroes, including Mercy.

Her new passive raises her healing by 50% while healing allies who are in low health and heals her for 25% of the healing done to supporters. To counteract this, the developers nerfed Mercy’s Guardian Angel cooldown and traditional healing per second. Mercy mains expected the developers to make some tweaks now that players have had time to test the changes and offer input, but remarks in a recent AMA hint otherwise.

Mercy players in Overwatch 2 are irritated by new comments

In a recent Reddit AMA, the lead balance designer Josh Noh asserted that the modifications were “neutral,” with her stats generally remaining the same as before the patch.

“At this time, Mercy won’t be seeing any more adjustments. Since changes can take some time to become effective, it would be wise to give this one some time to settle before determining whether more adjustments are required.

Players have provided positive feedback that Mercy’s increased agency enables them to counter her more effectively in previously brutal ways due to her high mobility. The Mercy players, who must adjust to the altered timetable, will feel horrible about their decreased mobility.

Mercy players took offense to these remarks and attacked the developers on social media, saying they ignored their complaints. They don’t pay attention when it comes to Mercy. Skiesti, a Twitch streamer, stated. “The stats and non-Mercy players are all that matter,”

Another person expressed their delight that the developers are not nerfing Mercy’s healing, as that was their major concern. On the other hand, this response is a little annoying. Another person stated, “What’s aggravating isn’t even the modifications themselves, but they appear to ignore high-rated Mercys as if we aren’t the ones that understand her the best.

Giving input and just receiving the response, “Stats look fantastic! Nothing is going to change! They promised to keep a careful check on things and pay attention to feedback after saying that,” the streamer continued.

Even though it would seem improbable that more Mercy improvements will be included in the mid-season patch, by the time Season 4 arrives, more information may have been gathered that prompts Blizzard to include more Mercy buffs or nerfs.

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